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Why Do I Need Periodontal Care? – Paul Mundl, DDS

The onset of gingivitis or the more advanced periodontal disease has been an issue many dental patients have had to face in their lifetimes. However, a large number of people ignore gum disease past the point where would have been simple merely because they didn’t realize there was a problem. This represents a challenge to anyone’s oral health and can lead to systemic problems as well.

There is only so much you can do at home to reverse periodontal disease, but from a preventive standpoint, proper brushing and flossing go a long way to minimizing the issue. Most people suffer from the periodontal disease in their lives, sometimes not noticing until it persists to its advanced stages, which can only be alleviated by professional care. At Paul Mundl DDS, our dedicated staff in Temecula will ensure your periodontal health is properly treated to bring life back to your smile.

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Bacteria leave a residue on teeth that becomes plaque, which is easily removed with regular brushing and flossing. But if uncared for, the plaque on the teeth hardens, turning into tartar, and can only be eliminated by a dental professional. If tartar is not removed in a timely manner, the bacteria start to cause inflammation of the gums.

A variety of habits factor in the spread of gum that you can limit to prevent the onset. Poor eating habits and smoking are two of these factors leading to gum disease that you can have control over. Aspects you do not have immediate control over, such as hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, medication side effects, cancer, or genetic susceptibility, may require patients to seek out additional care.

In the early stages of gum disease, or gingivitis, the gums are inflamed because of bacteria, but soft tissue and bone haven’t started deteriorating yet. Common symptoms of gingivitis are swollen, red, or bleeding gums, but also sensitive, painful, and even loose teeth. It can get complicated if treatment doesn’t occur by this point, leading to periodontitis and more advanced symptoms. In this progression, inflammation forms around teeth, causing the gums to pull away from them. It’s at this stage that infection reaches the bone. Tooth loss and systemic health complications start to become a concern.

How to Treat Periodontal Disease

Because periodontal disease is an infection that causes inflammation, your dentist may have to prescribe antibiotics to clear it up, but part of your treatment plan includes recommendations to change poor eating habits, or if applicable, ceasing tobacco usage. While in the chair, the dentist performs a deep cleaning, referred to as scaling and root planing, which helps remove the tartar beneath the gum line. If the inflammation and infection reach a truly advanced stage, flap surgery, or a bone and tissue graft could be necessary.

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