Here at the office of Paul Mundl, DDS, we are proud to offer multiple denture options to replace any number of missing teeth. This can range from replacing one to a few teeth with a partial denture or replacing all teeth with full dentures. Paul Mundl, DDS strives to give you the absolute best dentures available. Using only the highest quality materials, each denture is custom handcrafted to give you the look you love and the ability to chew food comfortably. Using Digital Smile Design software and specific wax try in appointments, patients play a vital role in designing the custom smile of their dentures. There are no surprises and the patient is in control of the final outcome.

Full Dentures:

Immediate Dentures
Immediate Dentures are delivered the same day as your dental surgery. They typically look great and function well, immediate dentures are often used as a transition while you are healing from dental surgery. They are either relined or replaced by custom dentures following adequate healing time.

Custom Dentures
Dr. Paul Mundl takes pride in his custom dentures and utilizes the best dental lab, best teeth available and the strongest acrylic on the market. Often times patients will comment on this being the best denture ever made, having the most natural life like appearance so no one realizes you are wearing dentures.

Custom Implant Retained-Supported Dentures
If you want to take your denture to the next level, Consult with Dr. Mundl about implant supported dentures. Dr. Mundl and his dental team can create an amazing implant supported denture that will allow for you to eat any food you desire, smile with confidence, and never experience the emotional embarrassment of your denture falling out. A consult with Dr. Mundl is a must to truly understand the options available to you.

Partial Dentures:

If you are missing one to some teeth, you may consider partial dentures. There are several types- cast metal, flexible and Dr. Mundl’s Custom Cosmetic Denture

Cast Metal Partial Denture
Utilizing a very lightweight metal frame, these partial dentures offer an extremely durable, strong and comfortable option to replace some of your teeth. This design uses your natural teeth as support. Dr. Paul Mundl and his expertise can design these so that no metal clasp will ever show, that is often seen on other dentist’s metal partial dentures.

Flexible Partial Denture
Made from a gum-colored material, these partials have a slight flex. They give the patient an extremely light weight, durable and highly cosmetic partial denture option.

Custom Cosmetic Partial Denture
Dr. Mundl and his out side the box conventional creativity, allows him and his superior dental lab to create one of a kind partial dentures to fit your unique situation. These partials are unlike anything you have seen: utilizing crowns on the support teeth, un-sightly metal clasps are hidden, retention is superior, and the fit is like no other. A consult with Dr. Mundl is a must if you demand and desire the very best in removable partial dentures.