Dr. Mundl understands how difficult it can be to relax at the dental office, which is why our practice emphasizes patient-first care. Our dental team is compassionate and gentle and helps patients relax by walking them through treatments step by step. We also accommodate our patients with dental sedation options, carefully administered by Dr. Paul Mundl. If you need to see the dentist but are unsure if you’ll be able relax during treatment, dental sedation can help you receive important care.

Dental Sedation Benefits
Dental Sedation offers patients a better way of receiving treatment. Dr. Mundl carefully discusses treatments with patients in order to alleviate concerns but sometimes further help is needed. When patients wish to receive dental sedation, Dr. Mundl examines current health and medical history for their safety. We make sure that all patients are fit to be sedated, and explain how each option will aid their treatment.

Some Benefits of dental sedation include:
• Receive Care without Pain
• Remain Conscious yet Completely Calm
• Return to daily Activities within the Same Day
• Complete More Dentistry in less Visits
• Safe for Many Patients
• Make Long Procedures Easy
• Makes for a Positive Patient Experience

Sedation Options:
We offer nitrous gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation (dental anesthesiologist) at our Temecula practice. All forms offer patients unique benefits, and one might be better for an individual over another.

Nitrous Oxide – This method is commonly known as “laughing gas,” and puts patients’ minds in a euphoric state. Light and easily reversible with oxygen, you can drive yourself to the visit and resume your day afterward—as long as the procedure permits. Nitrous is given to patients via mask, allowing Dr. Mundl to control the amount of sedation.

Oral Sedation – Dr. Mundl prescribes oral sedation for adult patients who require a mildly stronger sedative. Better for procedures that are long and extensive, oral sedation dulls the senses and shields patients from any unpleasant portions of their dental care. Although still considered an oral-conscious form of dental sedation, the dosage can be increased for a deeper numbing effect, or to extend the time spent in the dental chair. When receiving this form of sedation, patients need a ride to and from the visit.

IV Sedation – With the assistance of a Dental Anesthesiologist, Intravenous Conscious Sedation is when a drug, usually of the anti-anxiety variety, is administered into the blood system during dental treatment. You remain conscious, and have the ability to respond to requests from your dentist. Time will appear to pass quickly and you will most likely not remember much, if anything of what went on.

After your appointment, Dr. Mundl checks in on patients to make sure they made it home safely. Your well-being is our top priority, and we want all of our patients to have a positive dental experience, regardless of whether sedation is involved or not.

If dental fear and anxiety is preventing you from getting the smile of your dreams or from getting the much needed dentistry to make you healthy and pain free, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Paul Mundl to discuss your dental sedation options.