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Dental Implants

Dental Implants – Paul Mundl, DDS – Temecula, CA

The benefits of a full smile, such as self-confidence and a normal bite, cannot be overlooked. Those with missing teeth can obtain renewed confidence and function with dental implants. Paul Mundl, DDS, provides dental implant placement and restoration in Temecula, helping patients with one or many missing teeth.

Our practice can help if you have missing teeth, or if you’re frustrated with conventional tooth bridges or loose, ill fitting dentures. Whether you have one tooth or missing multiple teeth, Dr. Mundl creates a treatment plan that addresses your needs. We serve patients from our Old Town Temecula location, conveniently located above the Starbucks on Old Town front Street. To see how our care can improve your smile, call us at 951-676-1232.

Benefits of Dental ImplantsDental Implants in Temecula, CA

Dental implants have multiple benefits to Temecula patients:

· Maintain jaw bone so you do not lose bone that can affect your facial structures (that sunken in look), 
· Acts most like a natural tooth than any other restoration.
· Improves biting and eating the foods you desire.
· Supports and retains dentures, meaning no more denture adhesive. 
· Improves self-confidence
· Conserves adjacent teeth unlike conventional bridges.

With dental implants, you’re not just replacing the visible tooth with a denture or bridge.  Using only the best implant brand implants, like Straumann and Nobel Biocare, implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone, and act as tooth roots. This encourages new jaw bone growth, restoring lost density and ensuring a stronger foundation for your restoration. With a stronger and more even jaw, your bite and smile will resume a more natural function and appearance. The treatment is designed to last a lifetime, and allows patients to resume daily life comfortably. 

Dr. Mundl has periodontists as part of his dental team for proper and expert implant post placement. This coordination supports a successful implant treatment process, all in-house for your convenience. From consultation to restoration, patients can rely on Dr. Mundl to walk them through every step. 

Permanent Restorations for a Renewed Smile

Dental implants enable individual teeth or whole arches to be filled with restorations. Dr. Paul Mundl offers patients multiple options to replace teeth, and educates patients thoroughly so an informed choice can be made. 
Our restoration options include: 

Crowns: Typically, a single missing tooth requires a bridge, and installing one means altering the surrounding healthy teeth. Crowns supported by implants fill individual gaps throughout the smile. Custom-made to look natural, you can hardly differentiate them from natural teeth. 

Bridges: Different from traditional bridges, the implant-supported version uses implants to support two or more adjoining teeth. 

Dentures: We offer implant-supported dentures to replace whole rows of teeth. With two forms of this denture, permanent hybrid or removable overdenture, patients can choose which option suits their goals. These dentures won’t grow uncomfortable with time, and are made with either acrylic or porcelain teeth. 

Dental Implants in Temecula

All-on-Four® Dental Implants

We provide the trusted teeth-in-a-day procedure supported by four implants. Within the same day as placement, you can have your dentures affixed to implants. Dr. Mundl is proud to provide this trusted treatment method, which supports a new smile in a timely manner. 

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We are passionate about helping our patients achieve healthier, functional smiles. Our practice serves Temecula with comprehensive dental implant care from our Old Town location. Contact us today for your implant consultation.