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The All-on-4® Treatment Concept, also known as “Teeth-in-A-Day,” is a life changing transformation for those suffering with the following: loose dentures, advanced generalized decay or advanced gum disease. This treatment concept utilizes 4-6 implants to anchor permanent replacement teeth which allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Our dental team builds a relationship with patients, and is reliable for constant care throughout the entire treatment process. Dr. Mundl and his team will take care of you and your needs.

The Benefits of All-on-Four 
Replace your removable dentures with something extremely stable.
Improve your appearance
Receive fully functional teeth in a short amount of time.
Obtain a long lasting smile.
Eliminate health issues associated with failing teeth.

The Procedure 

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Mundl to determine if you are a candidate. Dr. Mundl has your best interest in mind, and he explain all your options. Other Clinics or All-on-4 Centers only provide the “All on 4” procedure and do not have anything else to offer you. 

If, during the consultation you determine that All-on-4 is your best option for treatment, Dr. Mundl will start the process and introduce you to a surgeon and dental lab. This gives you the option to choose your surgeon and choose your dental lab. This freedom allows for personalization, comfort and a unique smile.   

Then, we plan your procedure and have your replacement teeth made. Dr. Mundl and your chosen surgeon will operate together as a team to place your implants and deliver the teeth. You will be comfortable, and leave the practice with temporary teeth that allow you to eat and enjoy everyday life.

Approximately 6 months later, with Dr. Mundl always at hand whenever you need, your dental implants will be ready for your final restoration. Unlike other All-on-4 centers, Dr. Mundl works closely with patients and select dental laboratories to provide you with the smile of your dreams.

After the completion of your smile makeover, our practice provides dental maintenance for the long term success of the All-on-4 procedure.